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Femtoscopy application of the new EPOS model to the STAR experiment
Mikhailov K., Werner K., Karpenko I., Pierog T.
Dans Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters / PisВ'ma v Zhurnal Fizika Elementarnykh Chastits i Atomnogo Yadra - Sixth Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy (WPCF2010), Ukraine (2010) [in2p3-00837821 - version 1]
Event-by-event simulation of the three-dimensional hydrodynamic evolution from flux tube initial conditions in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
Werner K., Karpenko I., Pierog T., Bleicher M., Mikhailov K.
Physical Review C 82 (2010) 044904 [in2p3-00679834 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server On the Role of Initial Conditions and Final State Interactions in Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Werner K., Hirano T., Karpenko I., Pierog T., Porteboeuf S. et al
In Journal of Physics G Nuclear Physics - 12th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter, China (2008) [in2p3-00409947 - version 1]