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HSV-1 Cgal+ infection promotes quaking RNA binding protein production and induces nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling of quaking I-5 isoform in human hepatoma cells.
Sánchez-Quiles V., Mora M. I., Segura V., Greco A., Epstein A. L. et al
Mol Cell Proteomics 10, 6 (2011) M111.009126 [hal-00709868 - version 1]
Identification of replication-competent HSV-1 Cgal(+) strain targets in a mouse model of human hepatocarcinoma xenograft.
Santamaría E., Mora M. I., Carro-Roldán E., Molina M., Fernández-Irigoyen J. et al
Journal of proteomics (2009) epub ahead of print [hal-00425121 - version 1]
Identification of replication-competent HSV-1 Cgal+ strain signaling targets in human hepatoma cells by functional organelle proteomics.
Santamaría E., Mora M. I., Potel C., Fernández-Irigoyen J., Carro-Roldán E. et al
Mol Cell Proteomics 8, 4 (2009) 805-15 [hal-00425126 - version 1]