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Structure, Energetics, and Dynamics of Smectite Clay Interlayer Hydration: Molecular Dynamics and Metadynamics Investigation of Na-Hectorite
Morrow C.P., Yazaydin A.O., Krishnan M., Bowers G.M., Kalinichev A.G. et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (2013) 5172-5187 [in2p3-00870391 - version 1]
Metal cation complexation with natural organic matter in aqueous solutions: molecular dynamics simulations and potentials of mean force
Iskrenova-Tchoukova E., Kalinichev A.G., J. Kirkpatrick R.
Langmuir 26 (2010) 15909-15919 [in2p3-00685584 - version 1]