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Potential surfaces in symmetric heavy-ion reactions
Royer G., Piller C., Mignen J., Raffray Y.
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 16 (1990) 1077-1088 [in2p3-00020993 - version 1]
Nuclear dynamics with the finite-range Gogny force
Sebille F., Royer G., Gregoire C., Remaud B., Schuck P. et al
Dans Ricerca Scientifica ed Educazione Permanente Supplemento - 27th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics, Italie [in2p3-00022887 - version 1]
Semi-classical dynamics of heavy-ion reactions
Gregoire C., Vinet L., Remaud B., Sebille F., Raffray Y.
Nuclear Physics A 465 (1987) 317-338 [in2p3-00021098 - version 1]
On the projectile fragmentation in heavy-ion reactions at intermediates energies
Royer G., Raffray Y., Oubahadou A., Remaud B.
Nuclear Physics A 466 (1987) 139-156 [in2p3-00021074 - version 1]
Semi-classical approaches to the phase space evolutions in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions
Remaud B., Sebille F., Raffray Y., Gregoire C., Vinet L.
Dans Nuclear Physics A - International Conference on Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions 2, Suède [in2p3-00021097 - version 1]
Geometry and dynamics of a zero-temperature Fermi-gas model for preequilibrium emission of nucleons with application to $^(16)$O + $^(93)$Nb at $E_(lab)$ = 204 MeV
Davies K.T.R., Remaud B., Strayer M., Devi K.R.S., Raffray Y.
Annals of Physics 156 (1984) 68-109 [in2p3-00021090 - version 1]