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IEEE Transactions on Robotics 52, 2 (2012) 492-505
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Model for a sensor inspired by electric fish
Frédéric Boyer1, Pol-Bernard Gossiaux2, Brahim Jawad1, Vincent Lebastard1, Mathieu Porez1
European project Angels 231845 Collaboration(s)

This article reports the first results from a programme of work aimed at developing a swimming robot equipped with electric sense. After having presented the principles of a bio- inspired electric sensor, now working, we will build the models for electrolocation of objects that are suited to this kind of sensor. The produced models are in a compact analytical form in order to be tractable on the onboard computers of the future robot. These models are tested by comparing them with numerical simulations based on the boundary elements method. The results demonstrate the feasibility of the approach and its compatibility with online objects electrolocation, another parallel programme of ours.
1 :  IRCCyN - Institut de Recherche en Communications et en Cybernétique de Nantes
2 :  SUBATECH - Laboratoire SUBATECH Nantes
Sciences de l'ingénieur/Automatique / Robotique
Electrolocation – active perception – bio-inspired sensor – model reduction – electrokinetics – elec- trostatics – resistance matrix
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