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Fifth International Workshop on Spallation Materials Technology, Charleston : États-Unis
Tensile tests on MANET II steel in circulating Pb-Bi eutectic
H. Glasbrenner1, F. Groeschel1, T. Kirchner2

Off-beam tensile test have been performed on MANET II steel in eutectic Pb-55.5Bi (LBE) and Ar during commissioning of the LiSoR loop, an experimental liquid metal loop, which was developed to investigate the influence of Pb-Bi on possible structural materials under static load and irradiationn. Test temperatures were 180 - 300 °C. MANET II (11% CrMoVNb steel) exhibits good swelling and creep resistance behaviour under irradiationn up to around 500 °C. Good corrosion resistance of this material is expected due to the asence of the element Ni in the steel matrix which has a high solubility in LBE. All specimens showed a ductile fracture in Ar. In LBE a loss of ductility was observed at the test temperature of 250 and 300 °C in comparison to Ar samples. SEM analysis of the fracture surface of these specimens revealed a mixed mode, i.e. dimple and brittle fracture and penetration of Pb-Bi along the grain boundaries, which is a typical finding for liquid metal embrittlement.
1 :  PSI - Paul Scherrer Institut
2 :  SUBATECH - Laboratoire SUBATECH Nantes