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extraction of U(VI) and Np(V) by a calix(4)arene bearing carboxylic groups
Montavon G., Duplatre G., Asfari Z., Vicens J.
Fifth International Conference on the Separation of Ionic Solutes, SIS'93, Slovaquie (1993) [hal-00451212 - version 1]
Selection of violent collisions by neutron calorimetry for interferometry measurements
Sezac L., Lebrun C., Erazmus B., Eudes P., Guilbault F. et al
Research report (1993) 128-131 [in2p3-00021014 - version 1]
Two-proton correlation function measured at very small relative momenta
Martin L., Erazmus B., Pluta J., Ardouin D., Eudes P. et al
Rapport de recherche (1993) [in2p3-00021010 - version 1]
Hyperdeformation of rotating nulei within the generalized liquid-drop model
Royer G., Haddad F., Denisov V.
In Proceedings of the 8th international symposium on capture gamma-ray spectroscopy and related topics - International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics 8, Switzerland [in2p3-00021009 - version 1]
The quantum molecular dynamics approach
Aichelin J.
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 30 (1993) 191-218 [in2p3-00021005 - version 1]
Times scales for spinodals decomposition in nuclear matter with pseudoparticle models
Idier B., Benhassine B., Farine M., Remaud B., Sebille F.
Physical Review C 48 (1993) 498-506 [in2p3-00021003 - version 1]
Strange particle enhancement in ultrarelativistic nucleus-nucleus scattering
Werner K., Aichelin J.
Physics Letters B 308 (1993) 372-376 [in2p3-00020999 - version 1]
Observation of lifetime effects in two-proton correlations for well-characterized sources
Lisa M.A., Gelbke P., Decowski P., Reposeur T., Vander Molen A.M. et al
Physical Review Letters 71 (1993) 2863-2866 [in2p3-00020987 - version 1]
Nuclear matter with a pseudo-particle model : static bulk and surface properties
Idier D., Benhassine B., Farine M., Remaud B., Sebille F.
Nuclear Physics A 564 (1993) 204-216 [in2p3-00020986 - version 1]
Mass dependence of the disappearance of flow in nuclear collisions
Westfall G.D., Bauer W., Craig D., Cronqvist M., Gualtieri E. et al
Physical Review Letters 71 (1993) 1986-1989 [in2p3-00020984 - version 1]
Mass dependence of pion production in heavy ion collisions near but below threshold
Miller J., Krebs G.F., Panetta J., Schroeder L.S., Kirk P.N. et al
Physics Letters B 314 (1993) 7-12 [in2p3-00020983 - version 1]
Impact-parameter-selected two-proton intensity interferometry for $^(36)$Ar + $^(45)$Sc at E/A = 80 MeV
Lisa M.A., Gelbke K.C., Bauer W., Decowski P., Gong W.G. et al
Physical Review Letters 70 (1993) 3709-3712 [in2p3-00020980 - version 1]
Hyperdeformation in $^(152)$Dy at very high spins
Royer G., Haddad F.
Physical Review C 47 (1993) 1302-1305 [in2p3-00020979 - version 1]
Deexcitation of single excited nuclei in the QMD model
Wuller W., Begemann-Blaich M., Aichelin J.
Physics Letters B 298 (1993) 27-30 [in2p3-00020970 - version 1]
Cosmic rays in taps
Matulzwicz T., Lautridou P., Lefevre F., Marques M., Ostendorf R. et al
Nouvelles de Ganil 45 (1993) 33-43 [in2p3-00020969 - version 1]
Dynamics of violent collisions induced by Ar on Ag between 27 and 60 MeV/nucleon: persistance of binary dissipative collisions and temperature limits
Rivet M.F., Borderie B., Box P., Dakowski M., Cabot C. et al
In Ricerca Scientifica ed Educazione Permanente Supplemento - International Winter Meeting On Nuclear Physics 31, Italy [in2p3-00015877 - version 1]
Coulomb instability in collisions between very heavy nuclei around 30 mev per nucleon
Borderie B., Remaud B., Rivet M.F., Sebille F.
Physics Letters B 302 (1993) 15-17 [in2p3-00014822 - version 1]
Observation of a saturation in the time scale for multifragment emission in symmetric heavy-ion collisions
Bauge E., Elmaani A., Lacey R.A., Lauret J., Ajitanand N.N. et al
Physical Review Letters 70 (1993) 3705-3708 [in2p3-00003020 - version 1]
Possible observation of medium effects using a pion correlation technique
Pluta J., Rahmani A., Ardouin D., Lednicky R., Stefanski P. et al
Nuclear Physics A 562 (1993) 365-388 [in2p3-00001910 - version 1]
A novel approach to rescattering in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
Aichelin J., Werner K.
Physics Letters B 300 (1993) 158-162 [in2p3-00000708 - version 1]