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HAL-IN2P3 is one of the open access archive of the pluridisciplinary archive HAL

HAL-IN2P3 is based on self-archiving (the documents are posted by the authors or by an authorized person on their behalf). HAL is linked to arXiv, the worldwide Open Access repository in physics, mathematics, computing science.
HAL-IN2P3 aims to:

  • Promote the international visibility and accessibility of the research work of the IN2P3 laboratories
  • Emphasize the extension of direct scientific communication between academics
  • Ensure the long term preservation of deposited documents

Before posting documents on HAL-IN2P3, you need to register as a depositor (top menu "register").
The submission process contains 4 screens:

  • Metadatas: the bibliographic description of the document
  • Lists of authors and affiliations
  • Files: to transfer of the full text file (different formats available) or add a link to a registered repository (ArXiv)
  • The last step is the control/validation form. At this step you can ask for a to transfer of the document on the ArXiv repository.

After validation by the depositor, a control is carried out by information specialists of the IN2P3. This checking aims to control the files format, the respect of the copyright rules, the relevance of the content of the file with the chosen subject and allows to make sure the scientific level is similar to level required for submission to a scientific journal, according to the submission guide available here (in French).


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